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How to install and release the Concrete pipe mould?

Views: 37007/03/2017  

Roller Suspension concrete pipe making machine is the most economic and efficient equipment for the concrete pipes and culverts, also the manholes. the machine can produce pipes diameter from 200-3000mm, length 1m, 1.2m, 2.4m, 2.5m...

We just improved our pipe moulds for more fast demoulding. see the following steps.

1.     new mould and old mould picture compare. old design socket ring is inside the mould, new design's socket ring is 80-100mm higher the mould body.

2.     Unscrew the Socket ring bolts, and use the pry bar to kick the ring out. it is more easy and fast.

3. After prying out the Ring, The next is unscrew the moulds bolts one by one, and use the crane hoist lift the top half mould away.

4. then the concrete pipe can be taken out. and and pipe mould can be recycle in use again.

5. install the pipe mould.

6. Good quality concrete pipe and culverts.

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